Seeing the Still Lifes in Your Life

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Everywhere you look these days you're confronted by images of others who appear to be gardening, cooking, exercising, traveling, or just plain living, better than you are.  If the copious postings of your "closest friends" on social media sites weren't enough to convince you of your total inadequacy as a human being, you [...]

August, Die She Must

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Listen/Download AUDIO September nears.  We are either excited to begin the fall season and forget about summer failings, or we are starting to plan for next year, when the weather will be perfect, and a kinder, gentler insect nation will live in harmony with our pole beans and pelargoniums. I have let much go over [...]

Puppy Madness

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Listen/Download Audio It's 5:11 am. I am standing in the garden watching the ligustrum shiver as a tiny white bullet passes through the undergrowth and flattens the remains of the iris. Rosy-fingered Dawn is still somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, leaving my pajama-clad frame illuminated solely by the yellow rays of an iron porch lamp. [...]

A Moving Tale

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Listen/Download Article It has often troubled me to think of my garden when I eventually leave it. With any luck, this won't be a feet-first scenario, as my husband and I are constantly on the prowl for a few extra square feet in which to fulfill dreams of botanical splendor.  But this scenario leaves me [...]

The Big Three

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Listen/Download Audio I am struggling in the garden right now.  It would be untruthful to say that I am not, and I find that pretending otherwise only serves to perpetuate magazine myths that make the home gardener feel inadequate and overwhelmed.  There is joy to be had out there, surely; but three conditions exist that [...]

Different Strokes for Different Folks

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Listen/Download Article A few days ago, I was browsing around the nursery pen in a home improvement warehouse.  I'd just come from a Master Gardener function, and bedecked in red shirt and name tag, I was on a mission for cheap impatiens of any shade but salmon.   Temperatures had climbed into the sort of digits [...]

Give ‘Em Space!

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Listen/Download Article Thirteen years ago I held a newborn baby boy in my arms and marveled at tiny hands and doll-like feet. Two years later, that boy was getting bigger surely, but still a baby...small and almost androgynous with a head of blonde curls and blue eyes, stubby legs and a brilliant smile. Nine years [...]

A Love That Dare Not Speak It’s Name

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Listen/Download Article The roadsides are ablaze with color in my little part of the world.  Vibrant, joyful color – hailing summer with fiery orange lips and golden throats.  Hemerocallis fulva is in full bloom, though most know her as the tawny daylily, roadside lily and even the outhouse lily.  She is common, she is vulgar, [...]

Adventures with Color

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Listen/Download Article Happy accidents abound in the late summer garden.  This morning, a pairing of purple cabbages wilting gently next to an electric orange Rudbeckia makes me stop my weeding for a moment and pay attention. And as I look at this stunning couple, I am reminded of Lunaria annua and Geranium ‘Rozanne’ [...]

An Unlikely Love Affair

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Listen/Download Article Ten yards from the other side of my living room window sits a persecuted shrub.  His leaves are the simplest of green and his growth habit sturdy and upright.  He is difficult to wound and almost impossible to kill, yet I have treated him shamefully for years – apologizing for his lack of [...]

Step by Step, Room by Room

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Listen/Download Article I have been away from my garden for some time. The process of reclaiming my outside space after weeks away takes a strong stomach and a sharp pair of pruners; and though I have both, I'm nowhere near finished with the carnage and bloodshed. Truth be told, I have been wandering around in [...]

A Garden Is Only As Good As The Cook

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Listen/Download Article There is a lot of wasted work in this world. I do much of it myself, so I am certainly not throwing stones at others; but it does tend to beg the question: “Is it time to reassess?” A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a friend about her vegetable garden [...]

Sun, Sand & Surveillance

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Listen/Download Article A quick overnight to the beach this week means different things to different members of my family. For my daughter it is a chance to celebrate her birthday in unusual surroundings. Her brother benefits by virtue of his filial connection, and my husband has time away from fluorescent lighting and office shenanigans. ­­ [...]

Who Has Time for Schmaltz?

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Listen/Download AUDIO I am not one for sentimental, sugar-laced prose. While I take much delight in the simpler pleasures of life, the moment I start to write about them – to take up pen and scratch out a few poetic words – an overwhelming desire to lodge my tongue deeply within my cheek stifles all [...]

Justice for Cilantro

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Listen/Download Article The following is a public service announcement brought to you by the Cilantro Advisory Board, or C.A.B.  Please take a moment to read this message, and seriously consider this growing problem which threatens the future culinary life of cilantro in American homes. Message begins: We here at C.A.B. are exceedingly proud of the [...]

Helpless Horror

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Listen/Download Audio Have you ever had a nightmare where something terrifying was after you, yet when you tried to move, your legs were paralyzed?  Forcing yourself to move took an excruciating amount of time and once you actually started running from the thing that pursued you, you found that you could only move in slow [...]

Insectus Opportunus

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Listen/Download Audio There is a new visitor rapping on my garden gate.  I did not invite him, nor his many friends and relations.  I have never seen him before, nor do I wish to ever see him again.  In the hot summer season of dry crunchy grass, wilting pepper plants and the occasional [...]

Clean Up and Clear Out

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Listen/Download Article We go back a long way... Parting with the various bits and pieces that make up the clutter of our lives is one of the most difficult tasks imaginable. It is also one of the most freeing. I have never been particularly good at minimalism. When I was in my twenties [...]


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