great dixter

Great Dixter in summer. Photo from

This is one of those opportunities that, happy as I am in my little world, makes me want to fake my own death, buy a new identity on the black market and present myself as a perfect (unencumbered) candidate for a year’s worth of interning with the best of the best.  If that reality happens to be yours already and you have a deep abiding love for horticulture and you are a US citizen, I urge you to let me live vicariously through you by applying for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

From Great Dixter:

“The North American Christopher Lloyd Scholarship was conceived in order to provide a North American gardener with a year-long, practical education in the traditional style of ornamental gardening as practiced at two of the world’s most respected gardens, Great Dixter in East Sussex, England, and Chanticleer near Philadelphia, USA.

The scholarship offers a North American gardener a chance to develop deep practical skills and an understanding of the ‘sense of place’ needed to manage complex, innovative flower gardens such as those at Great Dixter and Chanticleer. It is hoped that the scholar, in turn, will inspire a future generation of North American gardeners, passing on knowledge and skills.

The scholar will spend 11 months, from September to August, living and working at Great Dixter, immersed in all aspects of the garden’s operations. The individual will also attend symposiums and visit gardens, plant trials and garden shows. The final month of the scholarship is spent working at Chanticleer.”



Chanticleer in autumn. Photo from

To apply please complete the application form and send with a CV and cover letter to: Catherine Haydock, Great Dixter Charitable Trust, Northiam, Rye, East Sussex, UK, TN31 6PH or by email to .

I certainly hope that you apply before I figure out a workable solution for moving my entire family back to England. Or explore the faking-my-death option.  This opportunity is that good – believe me.